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Worry-Free Funding

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At Rocca Capital Services, our expertise lies in furnishing transactional funding tailored for dual closings and earnest money deposits (EMDs), ensuring a seamless closure of your real estate transactions.

We can also collaborate with you in joint ventures for your real estate ventures, or extend financial support for your upcoming endeavors, including fix & flips, new construction, rentals, and bridge Loans. We offer a compelling blend of competitive rates, financial leverage, and promptness, all aimed at facilitating the smooth completion of your real estate deals.

In addition to working with investors, we also extend our services to homeowners facing challenging circumstances, including:

  1. For homeowners whose properties need additional work, therefore traditional methods of listing with an agent have proven ineffective.
  2. Forced to sell due to a loss of employment.
  3. Forced to sell due to a divorce.
  4. Inherited property and difficulty in managing or financing necessary repairs.
  5. Homeowners with vacant properties in disrepair.
  6. Properties with tenants.
  7. Homeowners facing the possibility of pre-foreclosure or foreclosure. 

Our expertise lies in providing tailored solutions for homeowners in these challenging situations. We understand the unique needs and complexities involved, and we are here to help navigate the process and find the best outcome for everyone involved.


Nationwide Service Area

Our extensive nationwide service area allows us to assist clients from coast to coast in the United States. No matter your location, we are here to help you navigate the complexities of real estate transactions.

Mission Statement

To ensure funding on all your property investments

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Submit your deals for EMD or Transactional Funding (Double Closing) on the right. 

To submit a request for any hard money fix-and-flip, rental, new construction, or bridge loans submit it here:  https://roccacapitalservices.alphagatorfunding.com

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